Lauren Cohan – More Than Just a Walking Dead Character

British-American actress Lauren Cohan is best known for her role as Maggie Greene on the television show The Walking Dead. The series is a post-apocalyptic horror series. As the main character, Maggie Greene is a good friend to Rick Grimes, the series’ main character. But she has more than just a cool appearance onscreen. She also has a strong sense of humor and is one of the most popular women in the show.

Despite her success on television, Lauren Cohan also appeared in other shows, largely non-commercial. In 2010 she made her acting debut on “The Walking Dead,” which was one of the most-rated digital TV shows in history. In 2014, she also co-starred in the drama Mile 22 coordinated by Peter Berg. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cohan moved to the United Kingdom to attend the University of Winchester/King Alfred’s College. She majored in English literature and drama and was a member of the theater company.

Lauren Cohan’s first appearance on television was in the season three episode of the hit television show The Walking Dead. She played the role of Bela Talbot, a con artist who specializes in collecting supernatural artifacts. She first encounters the Winchester brothers in this episode when she tries to acquire a rabbit’s foot. She was shocked to discover that her father had raised her as a cynic!

After a year in the United Kingdom, Cohan’s parents separated, and the actor took her mother’s surname. She was raised by her mother and sister, and converted to Judaism at the age of thirteen. She also moved to California to study film and television and toured with a theater company she co-founded. When she was eighteen, she decided to start modeling. After graduating, she was invited to tour with the troupe in England and had her first kiss.

After her season eight on Supernatural, Cohan bounced around between different series. In the first season, she appeared in the pilot for “Valentine” and landed a recurring role on Life. The second season of the series saw Cohan in the lead role of a young Jewish woman who falls in love with a rich man. This role is her first ever in the world of television and film. She was nominated for Best Actress in the third season of the show.

After graduating from high school, Cohan enrolled in a drama class at the University of Winchester. She studied drama at the university and toured with the group. She also has a passion for Tupac. In an interview with The New York Times, she discussed her love for Tupac and her first on-screen role in All Eyez on Me. Today, she divides her time between Los Angeles and London. She focuses on acting and producing films, while maintaining a successful career in modeling.