Kim Kardashian Net Worth – Facts About the Celebrity Mom

Kim Kardashian is a media personality, businesswoman and socialite from the United States. She first gained notoriety as a friend of Paris Hilton, and then became more famous after a 2007 sex tape emerged. Since then, her career has taken off as a social media sensation and her own brand has been created. The star of reality television shows and movies, she has earned millions of dollars from her media platform. However, she has also been subject to controversy and is frequently criticised for her behavior.

In 2007, Kim Kardashian gained worldwide attention when she filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment, the company responsible for the distribution of a sex tape featuring young women. She settled the suit for $5 million and went on to star in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show. In 2014, she became a featured model in the fashion magazine ‘Paper’ and appeared on the cover of ‘American Dad!’ In 2015, she was the cover girl of Vogue Spain. She has appeared on many covers of major magazines, including Vanity Fair and Elle.

In 2006, Kim Kardashian began a career as a model. She created a fashion line and opened a store in Calabasas, California. She later went on to open other stores in New York and Miami. In 2008, she teamed up with her sisters to create a spoof movie, ‘Disaster Movie’. In 2009, she launched her own fragrance, ‘Kim’. In 2018, she was a guest star on CSI: NY and starred in the ‘Red Carpet’ episode.

In October 2020, Kim Kardashian reported that she has a net worth of $780 million. The majority of her fortune comes from her beauty line KKW Beauty. She sold a 20 percent stake of the company to beauty giant Coty for $200 million. The couple also have luxury properties in California and the US. The Kardashians have also appeared in a sex video with rapper Ray J. In addition to her celebrity status, Kim Kardashian is also a mother of four.

While the public is captivated by her Instagram and her many successful projects, she also maintains a very active social life. Aside from her fashion line, Kim Kardashian has several other successful businesses. In addition to her online presence, Kim Kardashian has her own app. In December 2016, she made a total of $50 million in her net worth by the year. In April 2017, she also endorsed a vanilla cupcake mix flavor for Famous Cupcakes.

Kim Kardashian’s family is not without controversy. In 2007, a leaked video showed Ray J and Kim Kardashian having sex. The sex tape was widely seen on the Internet, and the show was an instant hit. In addition to her sex with Ray J, she also helped a female football team escape the Taliban in Afghanistan. Her charity work was well-received, and she has been featured in a number of TV shows and films.