How a Japanese Family Can Learn the Language and Apply it to Daily Life

Japan is the third largest industrialised market economy in the world and is one of the world’s most competitive manufacturers and consumers. The country’s population is largely middle-class, with more than 65% of the working population residing within the middle class. While household inequalities in Japan are relatively low compared to other developed nations, they vary significantly by ethnic group, social class, and rural-urban divisions. This article describes how a Japanese family can learn the language and apply it to daily life.

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The Japanese language can also express different social status levels. Depending on the person’s age and job, they are in different social positions. People of different positions are expected to use polite speech when interacting with other people. The same is true when comparing the sexes of women and men. In contrast, Japanese women rarely use polite speech, and men are generally expected to speak in a more mature way. A woman’s social position and level of education also affect her ability to use language in the workplace.

The Japanese language has five vowel phonemes. Each vowel has a specific length and shape. Depending on the context, the words can be used to describe either the person or the place. The words that refer to people in other languages are commonly referred to as ‘ki’, and are also categorized as ‘ko’. This makes them the same. But the way they are arranged in the language is very important.